Un paese va scoperto a poco a poco nel suo “insieme”, dall’alba al tramonto, e poi nelle ore notturne, ove il silenzio e lo scintillio delle stelle riconciliano sonno e sogno.

Questo è il borgo di Valentano che vogliamo farvi conoscere e amare.


Valentano is a town counting about 2900 inhabitants, with a typical medieval structure made of tufa buildings, located on the border between Lazio and Tuscany, on the southwest corner of the volcanic crater of Bolsena's Lake; its territory, with an approximated 43 sq km surface, includes two districts: Villa Fontane and Felceti.

From its 538 m. height on sea level, you can discover a spectacular panorama:

Mount Amiata looking at north-west, the chain of the Apennines and the nearest Volsini Hills with Bolsena's Lake looking at north-east; the south and southwest sight show Tyrrhenian Sea with the island of Giglio, the promontory of Mount Argentario, and the nearby Mountains of Canino with Lamone Forest under Mount Becco.

The territory has all the characteristics of a place with a "sweet, good and delicate" flavour, much appreciated along the centuries.

Whichever road takes you to Valentano, it shows to the visitor with the ancient symbols of its history: the octagonal tower of the Rocca Farnese and the bell tower of the Church, titled to St. John the Evangelist, jus patronatus of Farnese's dinasty and emblem of "Grand Cardinal" Alessandro, Pope Paul III's nephew, who was born in Valentano in 1520.

A country rich of an ancient and documented history, a village that retains its popular and religious traditions as an irreplaceable heritage, referred to by a series of events that delight the public and attract tourists, who can find in Valentano accommodation to appreciate unforgettable moments plenty of history, nature, traditions and local products.