5 fo 1000 and 2 for1000

What does it means

The five thousand is the personal income tax rate in 2015 that every citizen can allocate in favor of non-profit associations, community organizations and culturally relevant institutions.

In case of no choice, five per thousand of the tax due will be paid to the State in any case.


How to do

In the space referred to on the declaration forms (Modello Unico PF, Model 730, or special form attached to the CUD for all those who are exempted from submitting the statement), the taxpayer must enter the tax code of the Pro Loco - 01267650560 - and affix his signature.

The funds that the state will transfer will be used for promotion of the territory project, the historical and cultural traditions and the environmental heritage protection.

For 2016 you can also donate 2 x 1000 tax personal income tax to the Pro Loco, signing in the appropriate field and entering the same tax code, similar to the 5 per 1000.