Since 2009, Valentano has a partnership with two European twin towns: Haltwhisthle in England and St. Méen-Le-Grand in France.

The twinning was born with the aim to develop a closer relation with other European citizens, in order to strengthen those values ​​that are common to the old continent's citizens, and to provide the youngs in Valentano with an opportunity to discuss with peers from other European countries, and improve foreign languages.

Haltwhistle is a 3,595 inhabitants village in the county of Northumberland, England.

St. Méen-Le-Grand is a commune counting 4,528 inhabitants located in the department Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany (France).

Both territories have a natural and historic charm to discover.

How does the twinning work?

Every year, one of the three Towns is hosting the citizens from the other two for a week of holiday; families are taking care of the full organization, from the accommodation to meals and onsite visits.

This will develop good relationships and new friendships blossom. Anyone can participate in the twinning, regardless of the age.

During these brief holidays, cultural and linguistic exchanges, habits and customs comparisons are activated, and people experience new dishes and wines. And this opens the eyes and enriches the mind.

Twinning not only provides an opportunity to make low-cost travel, but above all an opportunity to get rich of authentic experiences, thanks to the fact that hospitality is organized in the family, where one feels the real life of the hosting Country. Children and teenagers are the ones that are benefiting more from this exchange, making friends with surprising ease, and demonstrating that linguistic diversity is never an obstacle. While enriching people of all ages, twinning was mainly born with the scope to encourage young people in their social and cultural growth, helping them to create, in the future, a truly united Europe.

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